Custom Embroidery

Embroidery is a time-tested embellishment that adds value to practically any wearable item. It’s a favorite for businesses to help their brand be recognized as a unified team, as well as a fashionable addition, frequently applied in all kinds of casual and formalwear.

Curious about custom embroidery services and their diverse array of eye-catching applications? In this guide, we’ll get to the bottom of the stylish stitch-work and all it brings to the table.

What is Custom Embroidery?

Embroidery is a way of decorating fabric with a desired adornment, be it an image or lettering. Stitches of thread come together to form a design through a tried and true process.

How it Works

Custom embroidered designs use centuries-old needlework techniques to produce intricate results on a fabric base. The craft uses various types of thread to stitch a unique pattern or shape into a cloth item. It’s a great way to make art of an average shirt or set of sweatshirts.

Embroidered apparel can be made with an embroidery machine or by hand. Embroidered products have made their mark throughout much of human history, dating as far back as ancient China in the fifth century BC.

These days, the best embroidery services can customize a logo or replicate a design to achieve your quality garment collection with expert stitches and service at a much faster average turnaround time.

Today, it can be found in all types of clothing and household items and accessories, with everything from bags and blankets to baseball caps and outerwear – and everything in between – frequently being tastefully elevated with this often-impressive craft.

What Kind of Custom Embroidered Apparel is There?

When it comes to visual distinction, there are few better ways to align your apparel with your vision, no matter what that vision is.

Here are some examples of items that are commonly enhanced with this personalized stitching.

Custom Embroidered Apparel

If you can wear it, embroidery can embellish it!

Custom Embroidered Shirts

Anticipating a team event or outing? Why not arrive in style with the group dressed in top quality custom embroidered jackets and hats? Or custom polo shirts?

Embroidery designs are a great way to spread the word – any word – for essentially any cause, be it a recreational hobby or professional endeavor.

Custom Embroidered Jackets Hats, and More

Don’t forget about seasonal embroidered apparel like coats, beanies, hoodies, and ponchos. Consistently showing your team spirit year round with hat embroidery and custom embroidered shirts surely won’t go unnoticed.

Product Tags

What’s better than custom embroidered shirts? Perhaps the extra weight and presence of the custom embroidered tag? Bring your product line to the next level with uniquely detailed tags that highlight the luxury of your business and brand.

Let this personal touch be an instant, hands-down indicator of top quality embroidered apparel.

Promotional Giveaways

Freebies and swag go a long way in the promotional world, and gifting embroidered shirts isn’t just generous, it’s wise. Embroidered goods are more sustainable and longer-lasting than cheap, plastic keychains – making them far less likely to end up in a junk drawer.

Think about it: the more useful and attractive your custom embroidery order, the more likely someone is to use it, thus publicizing your message!

Patches and Uniforms

Embroidered designs are a timeless, cost-effective way to help your business get noticed. Stitched company logos have worked wonders for countless successful marketing campaigns over the years, promoting all kinds of goods and services.

Plus, decorative patches can aid in rallying any group for any reason. For business owners, personalized uniforms and patches are a great way to boost team morale with a professional look.

Luxury Wear

Luxury in fashion is famous for expressive distinction, and custom embroidery is an effective way to achieve the perfect “wow” factor for any wardrobe. It’s a personalized addition that will set any garment apart from the rest.

From high-fashion gowns to collectible shoes, individualized expression through custom embroidery can transform any exceptional item to stand out even more, adding one-of-a-kind personality and style to an already coveted piece.

Home Goods and Unique Items

Anything from a heavy-duty gym bag to a decorative wall piece can be accomplished through professional, custom embroidery. With hands-on involvement, customers can remain confident that their finished products will be as excellent as they imagined, or better!

Chairs, wallpaper, car seat covers – you name it, and it can be made more dynamic and unique with custom embroidery.

Why Choose Custom Embroidery?

Embroidered products are essentially fashionable flyers. There’s no limit to the impact your message can make when it’s embroidered onto awesome apparel. The better the quality of the products being embellished, the greater of an impression they’ll make on those who see them!

Setting ourselves apart with unique designs and achieving a unified look by outfitting a business workforce has never been easier.

Benefits of Custom Embroidery

There’s a long list of advantages to opting for custom embroidered designs. These are only some of the most prominent!

1. Durability

There’s a tried and true quality to the skilled stitchwork of embroidery.

Plus, when you work with a reputable company known for using only the highest quality of tools, goods, and apparel, customers and companies can rest assured the results won’t just be stunning. They’ll also hold up when put to the test, on the job or elsewhere.

2. Visibility

Embroidered designs are a great way to get noticed; whether donning an important statement or proudly declaring your own business or favorite brand, the creative and expressive potential is endless. On their own and paired with existing ensembles, creations that have been elevated with this classic stitchwork are bound to stand out.

3. Sustainability

Taking your order’s burden off the mass-produced fashion world may make a bigger difference than you think.

By incorporating biodegradable materials, upcycling existing thread with cool patchwork, and utilizing dependable base items to create unique embroidery, custom-stitched designs can help to invest in a greener tomorrow.

4. Creativity

Sometimes bringing your creative vision and personal expression to life isn’t as simple as you hoped. Thankfully, with skilled professionals providing your embroidery designs, your passions will never get lost in the process. There’ll be no question whether your design comes out exactly as you envisioned.

5. Desirability

Whether your staff is the envy of other teams’ crew members at a bustling event, or your one-of-a-kind “#1 Fan” jacket turns all the heads at your favorite musician’s concert, there’s a powerful element to artfully embroidered pieces.

6. Uniformity

There’s something special about not just dressing to match, but also incorporating branded swag, accessories, and even personal protective gear. When crew members feel appreciated as part of the team, the difference can be seen in performance and morale. Best of all? This concept applies just as well on the job as it does on the field!

7. Affordability

When you weigh the costs against the gains, this design technique is especially affordable. Especially when ordering personalized pieces in bulk, your embroidery needs can be met and exceeded without breaking the bank.

Get the Best Custom Embroidery Design from Ink on Cotton!

When you’ve got something that could use that extra personal touch, a custom embroidered design is the winning strategy.

The best ideas can come from your personal inspiration, business mission, or any combination of the two. Along with our screen printing and custom ink design services, Ink on Cotton is your one-stop shop for gorgeous, personalized apparel.

Although plenty of companies can provide a wide selection of embroidery services in person, digital designs and collaborations provide a more interactive and dependable design service. Check out our online design studio and take a hands-on role in creating quality products that make your brand’s image memorable.

Start your order today!


How much do embroiders charge?

The price of an embroidered item will depend on many factors. For example, are you embellishing a pillow, or the entire sofa? Contact us today to get a personalized quote on your dream embroidery design!

What is a good charge for embroidery?

Custom apparel can cost more than many mass-produced garments, but embroidered products don’t have to cost a fortune. There’s a design to work with every budget.

How do you charge for embroidery services?

Custom embroidery prices are based on multiple factors to guarantee the highest standards of production are met with prompt, dependable shipping.

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